The Future of Grain Research: Final Report

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a number of months, as a conclusion to my Nuffield Blog.  I am finally making it happen and am happy to share my final report (which has actually been published for a few months).

The Future of Grain Research: Maximizing Productivity Growth Through Partnerships is the title, and you can find it here:

Click to access 1426780710Crosby-Devitt-2012.pdf

All Nuffield reports are posted to the international site at:

When I applied for the Canadian Nuffield Scholarship, I hoped the experience would broaden my perspective on agriculture around the world. My Nuffield experience far exceeded my expectations and provided me with the opportunity to not only learn, but to develop friends and acquaintances around the world that continue to shape and influence me every day.

My travels took me to Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Western Canada, the United States (Washington DC and California), Mexico and Brazil. I logged countless miles in the air and acquired over 25 boarding passes in the process. In every country, I met people that exuded absolute passion and enthusiasm for agriculture and their businesses.

Thanks to everyone who provided insight, conversation, and support to which was a truly an amazing journey.



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