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14 Days Until the Nuffield Global Focus Program begins!

It finally hit me.  I am boarding a plane in less than 14 days bound for Sydney, Australia.  I will be gone for more than 40 days, travelling to 8 countries on 4 continents.  It will be a long time away from home and family.  I am sure there will be times when I am ready to go home, and that my wife and kids wish I was home too.

However, this is an opportunity not to miss.  I am grateful my employer, wife and kids (although they are young) support my participation in this adventure.  I will have many stories to share about farming around the world when I return home, providing great material for many bedtime stories.

We are all set up with skype and all I will need is a decent wifi connection to have a direct connection home.  This got me thinking about how small the world really has become.  A Nuffield Scholar that travelled in the late 70s relayed a story about how he stayed in his kid’s lives when he was away.  He taped himself reading a story book and mailed the book and tape home for them to listen to.  A pretty good idea!


Nuffield Farming Scholarship 2012 – Crosby Devitt

I am having a ‘Nuffield Day’ today.  I was recently awarded a Nuffield Canada Farming Scholarship for 2012 and am planning to use this blog as way to share my travel and research experiences.  My Nuffield Farming Scholarship will involve a group travel study with 7 Australian scholars to 8 countries on 4 continents.  My travel begins on February 13, 2012, when I leave Canada for Canberra, Australia to meet up with my fellow travellers.  Lots more to come…