14 Days Until the Nuffield Global Focus Program begins!

It finally hit me.  I am boarding a plane in less than 14 days bound for Sydney, Australia.  I will be gone for more than 40 days, travelling to 8 countries on 4 continents.  It will be a long time away from home and family.  I am sure there will be times when I am ready to go home, and that my wife and kids wish I was home too.

However, this is an opportunity not to miss.  I am grateful my employer, wife and kids (although they are young) support my participation in this adventure.  I will have many stories to share about farming around the world when I return home, providing great material for many bedtime stories.

We are all set up with skype and all I will need is a decent wifi connection to have a direct connection home.  This got me thinking about how small the world really has become.  A Nuffield Scholar that travelled in the late 70s relayed a story about how he stayed in his kid’s lives when he was away.  He taped himself reading a story book and mailed the book and tape home for them to listen to.  A pretty good idea!


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  1. Posted by Carie on January 31, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Crosby – we are going to miss you while you are away, but we are very proud of you for both receiving the Scholarship, and preparing to embark on this exciting adventure! P.S. Don’t worry – I have all of the packing “organized” in my head.


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