About Devitt Farms

Devitt Farms is located in Mid-Western Ontario, about 5 kilometres from Lake Huron, between the town of Kincardine (pop. 10,000) and the villlage of Ripley (pop. 600). We grow grain corn, soybeans, winter wheat and white beans on about 500 acres.  My father and brother and I all have full time off farm jobs and operate the farm as a part time enterprise.  We have an arrangement where we each own some land and share equipment and  as well as labour.  Our neighbour provides custom combining to harvest our crops.  We deliver our crops at harvest to one of two local grain elevators.

In the summer, we have lots of tourists in the area, as the shoreline is dotted with cottages and there are great beaches and fishing close by.  We rent our farmhouse by the week to families that are looking to get away from city life and spend a week in the country.  Click here to check it out: Rentcottage.com

We grow our crops in a rotation that is is typical for this area – corn, soybeans, then winter wheat.  Grain corn is the first crop we plant in the spring and we target planting it in early May. Soybeans follow in mid-May.  White beans are the last crop planted, usually the first week of June.  Winter wheat harvest starts around the first of August.  White beans are usually harvested in mid-September, followed by soybeans in late-Sept and then corn in October.  We plant winter wheat into white bean and soybean stubble as soon as it is harvested.

Here are a couple Youtube videos I made.  Click on the Youtube symbol to see some more on my Youtube page.


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  1. Posted by Blake Devitt on February 14, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    Glad to hear you made it, along with your luggage! Mom & Dad


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