The Road Ahead – Nuffield Global Focus Program 2012 begins!

The journey begins!  I am writing while 35,000 feet above the ground, en route to Sydney, Australia, via Vancouver.  I am guessing we are somewhere above Lake Superior right now.   This morning, I reviewed my itinerary for the next 6 weeks and the only word to describe it is ‘intense’.  Upon arriving in Canberra on Wednesday, I’ll meet up with the 7 Australians that I’ll be travelling with.  After several months of email, it will be nice to finally meet everyone.  Thursday will be filled with meetings at the Australian parliament buildings (Canberra is the Australian Capital).  Friday will include meeting with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), reviewing our travel plans and getting to know each other better (we’re even doing personality profiles!)  During the course of our 40 some days together, I’ m sure we’ll need some conflict resolution skills.

I’m going to  try to keep these posts short and frequent.  I don’t have any photos yet, but I took some at the farm a couple weeks ago. The first one is looking out our laneway and the second one is a field that will be in corn this year, less than 3 months til planting! 




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